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  • Malaysian traditional Game 
  • Material: Hard plastic with iron nail + Fabric string 
  • Net Weight of the Gasing = 30gram (NOT inclusive of fabric string) 
  • Colour: Random 
  • Super sticky hook withstand maximum 3kg load 
  • Washable and reusable premium quality hook 
  • Suitable to stick on a variety of flat surfaces, like wood, title, ceramic, metal and etc.  
  • SPACE CREATION - Perfect idea to fully utilize space under a table, kitchen cabinet, office closet, and etc. 
  • HIGH QUALITY - Durable design made by a solid metal grid 
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Metal grid design concept to ensure visibility of the storage items and better airflow 
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply slide it onto the shelf of your cabinet, bookshelf, office table, and etc. 
  • DIMENSION - 40cm x 14cm x 26cm 
  • WEIGHT - 150grams 
  • Support USB Storage Devices 
  • Support USB Keyboard and Mouse 
  • Support USB Card Reader 
  • Support Any other USB Devices with Android Kernel/driver. 

  • The best way to manage your messy table 
  • Adjustable length according to your table length or your requirements 
  • Light weight and easy to setup. 
  • NANO GLASS - Made by premium Nano Glass Material 
  • SAFE TO USE - Not coated with any chemicals 
  • EASY TO USE - Ergonomic Curved Design/Fishing  
  • FAST and EFFECTIVE - Polish your nail shinning in 10 Seconds 
  • DIMENSION: 90mm x 13cm x 3mm 
  • 100% Pure and Natural Loofah / Luffa 
  • Massage your skin and blood circulation 
  • Exfoliating dead skin 
  • Easy to dry 
  • Suitable for bowl washing 


  • 100% Planted in Malaysia by local farmers. 
  • 100% Natural Loofah 
  • Suitable for cleaning and exfoliating your skin.
  • Suitable for bowl cleaning 
  • Even though it is difficult to control the dimension of the loofah but we will ensure the length of the loofahs is within 25cm - 28cm. 
  • Made of premium quality bamboo, solid and stable. 
  • The spring design allows to hold around 1000pages / 500sheets of book 
  • Foldable Design - Easy to keep, foldable when you are not using it. 
  • Designed for music scores, recipes, cooking, and reading 
  • Ergonomic Design with 5 steps of adjustable angles. 
  • Unique water and foam technology
  • Features 100% anti-dust mite & anti-fungal 
  • Made of durable and flexible material
  • Suitable for everyone - Office workers, wheelchair users, home use
  • Comfort with a cooling sensation


  • ANTI-SPLASH - Prevent nails from splashing everywhere in the process of clipping nails 
  • SOLIDLY BUILT - Made by Nickel-plated Zinc Alloy and High Quality of Carbon Steel 
  • HIGH DURABILITY - Ant-Rust and Anti-Corrosion  
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Comfortable to hold and use 
  • SHARP and CLEAN cutter. 
  • DIMENSION : 90mm 
  • HIGH-QUALITY ECO MATERIAL:Floating shelf is made entirely of solid wood. Fresh and natural colour, smooth,good toughness and wear resistance. This wall shelf will be the best choice for environmentalists.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN:This shelf has a unique Grid design, which is eye-catching and will be praised when friends visit your home. The rustic colour is very easy to match with your room decoration.
  • MULTIPURPOSE AND SPACE-SAVING: Useful for adding additional shelving space to display some collectibles or decorative items on it. 
  • FREE 2 types of hooks to cater both rough (Nail Hook) and smooth wall (Self-Adhesive Hook).  
  • MULTIPURPOSE SHOWER BRUSH - Shower scubber for the body the most effortless and timelss option to scrub away dead skin, reduce cellulite and swelling, enhence blood circulation and lympatic flow, and rejuvenate your body 
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Long handle promote a better bathing experience for your back 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & ECO-FRIENDLY - Made by high quality natural loofah / luffa sponge and solid wood handle 
  • DIMENSION: 7cm x7cm x 36cm 
  • WEIGHT: 65 grams 
  • Simple & Stylish Design - Ideal for personal use or as a gift 
  • Elegant & Well-Constructed 
  • Material - Made of Premium PU Leather with a Alloy Key Ring 
  • Dimension: 12.5cm x 3.5cm 
  • Weight: 12gram 
  • GOOD PROTECTION for your important documents and good for long term storage 
  • BETTER ORGANIZED your files or documents and easy to find 
  • L-SHAPE DESIGN with a semi-circular opening on the side, easy to use your thumb to open the folder from the top and side. 
  • TRANSPARENT - clear to see don't need a label outside to remember what is in it. 
  • DIMENSION: 31cm x 22cm 
  • WEIGHT: 22g