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HEIGHT & ANGLE – The tabletop is adjustable for its height and angle to keep your laptop/book in a comfortable position. 

PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made by high-quality natural eco-friendly bamboo boards. Handmade polished providing you smooth surface desk. 

SIDE DRAWER – A convenient way to keep your small items like earbuds, USB Storage Disk, etc. 

PRE-ASSEMBLED – Worry-Free, no assembly is required. Easy to use. 

FOLDABLE – Foldable legs for easy storage #BambooTable #AdjustableTable #MejaLipat #MejaBelajar



NATURAL MATERIAL – The bamboo step stool is made of 100% natural mountain bamboo, which is environmentally friendly, safe, strong, and durable.

MULTIPURPOSE – The bamboo small seat stool is very suitable for footrest, shoe removal, shaving, shower, travel, fishing, laundry, storage rack. Perfect choice for living room, bedroom, kitchen, fishing, garden, and lawn.

SMOOTH SURFACE – The bamboo stool has been fully polished many times, and the surface is smooth, which will not harm you and your family. The stool is simple, beautiful, and elegant.

SPACE-SAVING – Save space and portable. It can be placed in any small corner when not in use.

LIGHTWEIGHT – This step stool is lightweight enough for children to carry.


SMALL : 18cm x 24cm x 23.5cm, ~ 0.9kg

MEDIUM : 19cm x 28cm x 29.5cm, ~1.1kg

LARGE : 20.5xm x 31.5cm x 34.5cm, ~1.3kg


MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE BOX – Innovative multipurpose storage and can be used as an add-on drawer. 

PERFECT STORAGE FOR SMALL ITEMS – Perfect to store various small items such as mobile phones, pens, glue, USB Cable, erasers, earphones, cosmetic items, and etc. 

PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made by high-quality PP material, 100% new PP material 

EASY TO INSTALL - It is equipped with a strong double-sided self-adhesive pad, can easily place it at any flat and smooth surface. 

DIMENSION: 19cm x 10cm x 4cm WEIGHT: 145grams  


- DURABLE & STURDY - Designed with premium quality tin-plated metal which is durable sturdy, and not easy to rust for long-lasting storage.

- PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT - This rectangular tin box is ideal for carrying your valuable small items during travels, hiking, camping, and etc.

- MULTIPURPOSE SMALL STORAGE BOX - Perfect way to store your valuable small items like credit cards, members discount cards, keys, USB storage devices, cables, coins, and any small items you can think of.

- DIMENSION: 9.5cm x 6.2cm x 2cm

- WEIGHT: 35grams.


PERFECT DESIGN – See-through Clear window lid design, easy to quickly check the items inside the box without opening the box.

MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE BOX – Multipurpose storage box for small items like USB storage devices, USB cables, coins, pendants, screws, etc.

GREAT GIFT BOX – A great practical gift box for small items.

DIMENSION: 8.9cm x 6cm x 1.7cm

WEIGHT: 28grams


  • SMART BODY FAT SCALE - Mobile app ready to support both IOS and Android mobile phone 
  • YOUR HEALTH ASSISTANCE - Support 24 essential health indicators at your fingertips which including body weight, body fat percentage, Visceral Fat Index, Subcutaneous Fat Rate, BMI, BMR, and etc. 
  • UNLIMITED USERS - Able to support multiple mobile phones and users. Ideal for your whole family. 
  • SUPPORT INFANT WEIGHING MODE - Able to weigh your lovely baby's weight by using infant weighing mode. 
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE BIO IMPEDANCE ANALYSIS (BIA) Chipset - Proprietary algorithm in estimating the body composition. 
  • HIGH PRECISION - Support 4 units of High precision E-Shape weight Sensors. 
  • DIMENSION: 28cm x 28cm x 2.2cm 
  • WEIGHT: 1.1Kg 
  • OPEN SHELVING CONCEPT - Perfect to display, overview and easy to reach

  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Made from high-quality natural bamboo. Robust construction and long-lastings. 

  • FULL BOARD Design - Full board design for each layer/tier to prevent decorative items falling out of the gap.  In addition, it is easier to clean. 

  • MULTIPURPOSE RACK - Suitable for all kinds of application - you can use it as a shoe rack, display rack, flower rack, and bookshelf.  It is ideal for entranceways, living rooms and balconies. 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of premium quality non-woven fabric with thick drawstring 
  • TRANSPARENT WINDOW DESIGN - With see through transparent window, easy to identified your shoes. 
  • MULTIFUNCTION - It is not limited to keep your shoes but also suitable for any small items during travelling. 


  • Adjustable table top both angle and height.
  • Stable and durable designed (Export quality for Japanese customer) 
  • Easy to install
  • Table Height Guidelines on the table leg for height adjustment
  • Small Screw Guide to ensure precise screw tightening position 
  • Built-in Metal Gear to ensure precise angle adjustment 
  • Easy to carry and portability ( Lightweight: less than 5kg) 
  • Easy for storage (Thickness 9.5cm only)  
  • Waterproof tabletop
  • Premium Quality Travel Scale With Stainless Steel Top Cover 
  • Measuring Tape Built In For Your Luggage Dimensions Checking 
  • Warning Red Led Indicator On The Luggage Scale For Instant Overweight Alert (weight 20kg And Above) 
  • Powered By Easy To Find Aaa Battery X 2 Unit (included) 
  • Lcd Display Auto Lock And Unlock For Easy Reading 
  • Maximum Weight Up To 50kg 
  • Unit Measurement Kg / Lb 
  • Product Size : 15.6 x 3.5 x 5.2 cm 
  • Product Weight:  0.12kg  
  • To convert your existing Micro USB charging cable into USB Type C charging cable or transfer Data 
  • Does not support OTG function 
  • Reversible connector - User friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your device in any direction. 


  • Premium Quality Type-C USB 3.0 OTG Cable 
  • A perfect solution to connect your phone or tablet  to any devices (example: USB disk, flash drives, keyboard, mouse, USB cable, and etc) that support USB OTG (On-The-Go) 
  • Support Type-C USB 3.0 interface 
  • FREE premium Mini Storage Case to keep the Type-C USB OTG Cable safely and conveniently. 


  • Type-C USB 3.0 OTG Cable 
  • A perfect solution to connect your phone or tablet  to any devices (example: USB disk, flash drives, keyboard, mouse, USB cable, and etc) that support USB OTG (On-The-Go) 
  • Support Type-C USB 3.0 interface 
  • COMPATIBLE up to 15" laptop models. 
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - 7 Steps adjustable height to fit your preferred viewing angle, correct your posture so that to prevent the incurable spinal cord injury. 
  • CONVENIENT - Foldable design and light weight (470gram) easy to carry 
  • STURDY & DURABLE - Anti-slip pads ensure your notebook or laptop is stable and does not shake. 
  • SPACE CREATION - Perfect idea to fully utilize space under a table, kitchen cabinet, office closet, and etc. 
  • HIGH QUALITY - Durable design made by a solid metal grid 
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Metal grid design concept to ensure visibility of the storage items and better airflow 
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply slide it onto the shelf of your cabinet, bookshelf, office table, and etc. 
  • DIMENSION - 40cm x 14cm x 26cm 
  • WEIGHT - 150grams